Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Happy new Islamic new year!

Its the new year for Muslims around the universe =D
So I'll share something with you guys and gals

Happy new year,I'm still having trouble remembering the term of Islamic new year,but it represents our prophet's migration to Mecca (correction: from mecca to madinah), where Islam is home,where the haji pilgrimage is held,and the location of the kabah,the square thingy that people walks around it?

That's the holy land,where it's started in the Quran,if you're a Muslim and able,you've gotta visit this place,where it all started.

Also,when we pray,we Muslims,face the directions of the kabah,that's why,in certain places,like in hotels,you'll see one green arrow pointing to somewhere =)

So,its the new year,in Malaysia,native Malays are Muslims,most rulers are Muslims if not all,I just that those who has done wrong,stand up and face the judgement on this world, if you're able to commit to something,why won't you admit to it? Well,for me,if one is innocent or guilty,only Allah knows,and Allah knows and sees all the actions where we human do not.

Also,Allah grants rezeki (Google says its fortune in English),so those rezeki are granted for each and every being on this world, mainly I would like to say,the fact that we are still alive,or living a long live,its not the sake of living, a rezeki,also a chance for us to repent, and to undo what we've done, if its can't be undo,then we must try our best to do more good deeds to the people around us, forgiveness is a great gift to start,and do not take what's not yours...

Hope this message teaches you something as this is what I felt,and I feel that sharing this is a nice way to start a new Islamic year =)

Selamat awal muharam =)

P.s. go read the qurans translation,it's available on the internet,and its like the shortest book with consist information from Allah, my best friend and wife told me,start from the back,and its not a bad idea, start there and work your way to the front...you'll gain a lot of things,if you just think about it...

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