Friday, August 21, 2015

Being good to your parents in Islam

Today’s sermon in Islam is about being good to your parents.

Muslims have this thing called the rewards/deeds, (pahala in Malay), to keep it short, you have to be nice to them as how it was quoted in the Quran, the best book to follow in my opinion. (In history, it’s the latest version after the bible too, like the latest version of firmware for humans to follow =)
In Islam, people have to collect Pahala, so that when we die, those pahala collected, will be used judged if we’ve done enough good deeds in life.

Children, are a gift, if you choose to have them, you have to take care of them, teach them well, why? Because when we die, we won’t have any Pahala anymore, but every good deeds they do, will be passed on to the parents as well.

So one have to be sabar when having a child, to have a pahala bank that is generated even after our death, we have to teach our children well, so we have to be patient with one another.

Take care of your parents if there are still here, take care of your husband and wife, be patient, so that one day, you can become a good parent to your child =)

So @william and @christina, please forgive me for anything that I’ve done wrong in the past and I love you both, even I don’t say it out =D

@Sufiza: tolong translatekan this to malay for me so that we can share it to more people =)

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